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Wildflowers Within Sodo: Myronda & Angelo

Updated: Nov 18, 2018

It is always an amazing feeling when we meet with a couple who are our ideal clients. You can just tell that magic is about to be created, and I am always so excited when it just clicks! Truly, that was how it felt to meet with Myronda and Angelo. From our first meeting, I could tell they were so much fun.

Myronda and Angelo knew what they wanted their wedding day to be, and had so many awesome ideas to make their wedding their own. But they wanted a little help in making it a reality, which is where I stepped in.

They got married at Within Sodo in Seattle. It’s a really cool space because it has many separate areas and rooms you can rent in different assortments. You can seamlessly have your whole wedding move from ceremony to cocktail hour to dinner to dancing with minimal changeover. Or, you can use two or three of the spaces and still have a seamless and magical changeover (with an awesome catering staff like Twelve Baskets Catering helping make it happen).

Myronda and Angelo made their wedding their own in SO many ways. Much of their decor and pieces were DIY. Everything had a purpose, and they kept it all in theme. They had pieces that their family provided and there was a lot of help from family and friends during the decor setup. My favorite piece was their ceremony backdrop - a hanging installation of gold hula hoops and silk flowers.

Wildflowers Within Sodo | Gold Hoops and Silk Flowers Ceremony Backdrop | Snohomish and Seattle Wedding Coordinator

The floral was Prudence & Sage’s part in the DIY fun. With all their projects, they decided that taking a task off their plate was important in the final days and hired me to do them. I shopped for sustainably grown wildflowers at Field To Heart, a flower farm in Snohomish, WA, to help bring their vision to life.

We used wildflowers and multiple colors as the inspiration for their design. From their invitation suite to their tables, there was a wildflower feel to it all. It was also all DIY and totally awesome.

We also met a couple times to discuss what they had planned, and to help answer some of their logistical questions. These meetings were especially important while we coordinated having Mobile Maven’s unique pop-up food trailers serving dinner.

It was really windy during their portraits in the morning, but Myronda and Angelo were so calm and chill, simply excited to be married and to celebrate with their family. That really stood out to me!

One of the biggest pieces of this event was the changeover. The ceremony and the reception were happening in the same room, with the adjacent room being used for dancing after dinner.

After the ceremony, guests moved to the adorable rooftop of Within Sodo, where a second bar was stationed and passed appetizers were enjoyed.

Unbeknownst to them, downstairs Twelve Baskets Catering team and I quickly switched the rooms from ceremony to dinner.

We coordinated getting Lil’ Blue & Half Pint, the Mobile Maven’s bar truck inside the venue for the reception, and organizing a pop up food truck court for the guests to grab their choice of dinner right outside the doors of the dinner seating.

Then, while they were all dancing, dinner was cleaned up and more space created in the room once more. After that, Myronda and Angelo dubbed me the Magical Wedding Elf, a title which I’ve gladly continued to use. Magical changeovers are my favorite, and they work best when there are divided, intentional spaces within a venue that flow well.

And the desserts! Holy moly, Hood Famous was absolutely fabulous with their decadent gluten free cheesecakes. I remember I got to take home one of the single-serve cakes and enjoyed it later that night. Or morning, since I got home at about 1:15 am!

Wildflowers Within Sodo | Bride and Groom Cake-Cutting | Snohomish and Seattle Wedding Coordinator

Myronda and Angelo partied until the very end with their guests! They truly made the most of their day, spending as much time as possible with their guests until an Uber whisked them away!

Looking back over this wedding, I realized how much I have learned and improved my coordinating process over the last couple years. I didn’t have a ton of information in writing on easily searchable or accessible documents. Most of the plans I had in emails or simply in my head. I am much more thorough with ensuring plans are well documented now, so that any of my amazing team members could step in and coordinate a wedding day without missing a beat.