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Adventures and Cats

I truly love every wedding I work. I have an opportunity to watch each couple enjoy one of the greatest moments in their life. It brings me joy to see the love and happiness of the moment consume them because they are not thinking about whether the cake is being served or if their photographer is remembering to get the right shot. They're experiencing it all fully because they hired a wedding coordinator. I am thankful that coordinator was me.

Every year it seems I have one or two weddings that stand out from the others as my favorite. Hands down, Meredith and Cameron is that one. Let me tell you about these two and their totally fun wedding in the woods.

Snohomish Wedding | PNW Inspired, Ceremony in the Woods

Do you see those faces? Can you feel Meredith's excitement? It's contagious. And she had that same happy, excited face the whole day.

Even better, this is her personality all the time. Meredith is kind, thoughtful and adventurous.

Snohomish Wedding | Globe decorations | Adventurous Couple

If you've read more of the Prudence & Sage blog or checked out any of the wedding planning guides I have available on the website you know that I help my couples make their wedding personal and meaningful by including important details from their every day life. Cameron & Meredith took that concept and ran with it! Most of their decor was items from their home, borrowed or provided by family from their homes, or simply something that represented their love.

Snohomish Rustic Barn Wedding | Lace Wedding Gown, Cap Sleeves

Meredith and Cameron chose to have their wedding at Twin Willow Gardens in Snohomish, WA. When searching, they knew they wanted to be married in the woods but also be accommodating to their guests who couldn't actually trek into the woods. The Cedar Chapel at Twin Willows and their spacious garden reception area provided the perfect setting for their adventurously Pacific Northwest wedding.

Snohomish Wedding | Ceremony in the Woods | Large arbor, Simple Decor, PNW | Twin Willow Gardens

Snohomish Wedding | Ceremony in the Woods | Large arbor, Simple Decor, PNW

They were even creative enough to find a way to include their fur-babies in their wedding, even though they could not bring their actual cats.

Sand Unity Ceremony | Snohomish Wedding in the Woods | Cats in Weddings

Remember that smile I was talking about? Check out the LOVE between the Meredith and Cameron during their wedding party-less ceremony.

Local, Seasonal Wedding Flowers by Paeonia Pines | Snohomish, WA Wedding

Of course, the GUESTS at your wedding are incredibly important. Make sure your photographer knows you would love photos of your guests reactions during your ceremony. You will not be focused on their faces or reaction during the most precious moments of your ceremony because you will be focused on your spouse.

Meredith provided some gorgeous inspiration for what she wanted her ceremony to be decorated like. Then, she trusted me to make it happen. You can imagine how happy it made me when she said it was perfect!

Local Seasonal Floral | Paeonia Pines | Snohomish Washington Florist

Lace gown, cathedral veil | Snohomish Wedding Coordinator Planner

I don't know about you, but I think her dress is PERFECT for her!

Twin Willow Gardens Snohomish, WA Wedding | Woods, forest, PNW Ceremony

Now this. This is my favorite moment of the entire wedding season. It is my favorite moment of each wedding. And I don't usually have the opportunity to see it because I am busy preparing the vendors for the start of the reception. I am SO thankful that Tonie Christine captured it so beautifully.

Happy Bride and Groom after their Ceremony | Snohomish Wedding | Twin Willow Gardens

Let's party! Here are my favorite moments during the reception.