A Boho Wedding in the Woods

Updated: Nov 18, 2018

Every wedding presents its own challenges when it comes to planning. From figuring out backup plans for the weather to shuttling 100+ guests between the venue and hotel, we have planned for so many different scenarios!

So when Nicole and Daniel decided to have their wedding on a family member’s property, I was so excited to bring their woodsy boho vision to life. The only catch? There was no power.

It was a beautiful space in the woods with a small shack on the bank of a river. But we were basically starting from scratch with everything except the gorgeous natural backdrop. Seriously.

Boho Backyard Wedding | Curch Pews, Birch Arbor | Snohomish and Skagit Wedding Coordinator

So Nicole had a vision on what she wanted the day to be, but she was not sure how to implement it. That’s where I came in! She wanted a very boho feel, which we used as the basic inspiration for the wedding day.

It was important to Nicole and Daniel that the day felt more fun than traditional. They are both very outgoing and adventurous, and want everyone around them to have a good time. I have known Daniel since high school, and Nicole as long as they had been dating. Knowing who they are and what their personalities were like beforehand was especially helpful for the planning process.

When putting together a wedding like this, it really takes a village! It also helps to be resourceful. Nicole had a clear idea for the day and she either built what she envisioned out of things around the venue or around the house, or borrowed from family and friends.

All of these elements gave a beautiful rustic vibe that was personalized to them! For the ceremony, Nicole and Daniel built the arbor out of birch tree branches. Daniel’s grandma owns a church, and brought in the pews for the outdoor ceremony. Instead of a traditional gift table, they used an old truck that had been in the family for a while.

We used wildflowers to emphasize these rustic elements, with a mix of pinks, blushes, whites, and creams. An added touch of blues and lavenders brought contrast to the light neutral tones, which was really beautiful! We used everything from sunflowers to hydrangeas, and I loved the end result!

For décor, we used lots of lace, glass bottles, crocheted doilies, ribbon, and vintage furniture, using a lot of items that they already had as well as a few rentals.

Nicole and Daniel wanted a short and sweet ceremony, so they could enjoy being with their friends and family.

But there was one surprise that ended up being a really meaningful moment. After the ceremony, Nicole’s family did a blanket wrapping and prayer, an Indian tradition in her family.

And Nicole surprised Daniel after the ceremony while they signed their marriage license - she had embroidered her new name on the bottom of her dress!

After the ceremony, it was time for a party!

For the reception, we had to bring in generators. Daniel, like most grooms, was a little overwhelmed throughout the wedding planning process. But when it came to providing muscle, he was happy to help out! He made sure and provided the generators and hauled everything down to the venue for the wedding.

The food was all brought and prepared by the family, and kept in warming pots to stay hot.

And the bar station they used was actually built by Klaye and Nicole (another one of my couples!) for their own wedding and borrowed by Daniel and Nicole.

And as it got dark under the night sky, Nicole and Daniel danced the night away with their friends!

Photographer: Pure Bliss Photography

Rentals: Rustic Event Rentals

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